ICCBS University of Karachi Summer Internship Program for Youth 2023 March Apply Online Latest Jobs Karachi city

  Positions  ===  Summer externship Fields ===   Nanotechnology  Biochemistry & Molecular Biology  Bioinformatics and Computational Chemistry  Cell Physiology  Proteomics  Stem Cell Research  Structural Biology  Virology  Bioequivalence Genomics  Immunology  Microbiology  Pharmacology  Studies  Diagnostic Laboratory  Molecular Bank  Information Technology  ISO, Quality and Project Management  Library and Information Science  Plant Biotechnology  Biomedical Engineering  Civil Engineering  Analytical Chemistry  Applied Chemistry  Organic Chemistry  Electronics and Electrical Engineering  Mechanical Engineering 









The ICCBS is among the top academic research establishments of the developing world with two constituent centers, H.E.J. Research Institute of Chemistry and Dr. Panjwani Center for Molecular.

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Medicine and Drug Research. The ICCBS has the unique distinction of WHO collaborating center, UNESCO category 2 center, and has been awarded the Islamic Development Bank Prize twice for the

best scientific research institution in the Islamic world. H.E.J. Research Institute during the last four decades has achieved a number of milestones and remains at the pinnacle of excellence. Emphasis has been given on raising the standards of training

of scholars in economically relevant fields of chemical and biochemical sciences, and resources mobilization for the future growth in new disciplines of relevant sciences.


Dr. Panjwani Center for Molecular Medicine and Drug Research is engaged in training of young scholars in the emerging fields of molecular medicine and drug research. The research activities at

PCMD are directed at understanding of diseases especially those that are prevalent in Pakistan with

the aim of finding improved and novel ways of their diagnosis, treatment and prevention. As a public service institution, which strives to promote science and technology capacity in Pakistan,

the ICCBS announces the SUMMER INTERNSHIP PROGRAM (JUNE – JULY, 2023) for Last Year’s

Graduates and Final Year BS / MSc / PharmD / BE / BBA Students in the following fields:

Analytical Chemistry 14) Structural Biology

Applied Chemistry 15) Virology

Organic Chemistry 16) Bioequivalence Studies

Nanotechnology 17) Diagnostic Laboratory

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 18) Molecular Bank

Bioinformatics and Computational Chemistry 19) Plant Biotechnology

Cell Physiology 20) Biomedical Engineering

Genomics 21) Civil Engineering

Immunology 22) Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Microbiology 23) Mechanical Engineering

Pharmacology 24) Information Technology

Proteomics 25) 180, Quality and Project Management

Stem Cell Research 26) Library and Information Science


Apply Online at: https://bit.ly/320ZOWS

ONLY ONLINE APPLICATIONS will be accepted. Last Date of Submission is 31st MARCH, 2023.

Kindly note that On-Campus Accommodation is NOT available and NO PAYMENT will be made to the selected Internees.

Director, ICCBS

ICCBS stands for the International Center for Chemical and Biological lores, which is a  exploration center located at the University of Karachi in Pakistan. It was established in 1978 and is  presently one of the leading  exploration centers in the country,  fastening on chemical and  natural  lores.   The center comprises several  exploration institutes and  installations, including theDr. Panjwani Center for Molecular Medicine and Drug Research, the Hussain Ebrahim Jamal Research Institute of Chemistry, and the National Center for Proteomics. These institutes conduct  exploration in  colorful areas,  similar as  medicine discovery, genomics, and proteomics, and  unite with  public and  transnational institutions.   In addition to its  exploration conditioning, ICCBS also offers postgraduate programs in  colorful fields of chemistry and biology, includingPh.D. programs. These programs are  honored by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and are designed to  give  scholars with advanced training in their  separate fields.   Overall, ICCBS is a well- established  exploration center that’s contributing significantly to the advancement of chemical and  natural  lores in Pakistan and beyond. 

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